The City of Moreno Valley presents a pro-business and development atmosphere within a strategic location in Southern California.

New industry and commercial activity work together to make Moreno Valley an outstanding place to live, work, shop, visit, and do business.

Brodiaea Business Center in Moreno Valley, a 100,000-square-foot industrial building on 6.7 acres, is a project that had several site plan challenges including a 100′ Dept. of Water Resources Easement that crossed the site.

◼️ EPD prepared an addendum to a Negative Declaration, managed the preparation of supporting technical studies for biological and cultural resources, as well as air quality, traffic, and health risks

◼️ We prepared the addendum and the traffic study. The addendum required an effort to rebuild the analysis in the prior Initial Study to disclose the impacts of the previously analyzed project and relative reduction of impacts that proposed Brodiaea project represented.

◼️ Following entitlement, EPD managed the processing of grading and building permits, including all required clearances from water and sewer districts and the fire department.

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