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Technical Services

In today’s competitive real estate market, EPD recognizes the need to provide comprehensive technical services in-house. Integration of technical services with our development and CEQA services provides our clients with a value-added approach that can identify and mitigate risks to projects and communities.

EPD’s Technical Services team encompasses transportation planning and engineering, traffic modeling, air quality, greenhouse gas and health risk analyses. Our distinctive approach involves integrating each of these services into the planning and development process to deliver innovative and practical solutions, and thorough project analyses. We recognize the pivotal role that traffic-related matters play in a community and understand the risks to a project presented by transportation and vehicle miles traveled impacts.

Air quality, GHG emissions, and health risks have also become focal points on every project, which demand expert knowledge to prepare clear and concise analyses and where necessary implementable mitigation measures. With EPD’s all-encompassing approach, clients can rest assured that every facet of the project is meticulously considered. 

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EPD offers the following technical services: 


  • Vehicle Miles Traveled Analyses 
  • Transportation Impact Studies 
  • Transportation Due Diligence Assessments 
  • Travel Demand Modeling 
  • Roadway Safety Analysis 
  • Roadway Striping and Improvement Plans 
  • Parking Studies 
  • Site Access/Circulation Studies 
  • Traffic Operations Analyses

Air Quality Analyses 

  • Air Quality Analysis for CEQA/NEPA Documentation 
  • Greenhouse Gas Analysis for CEQA Compliance 
  • Construction and Operational Health Risk Assessments 
  • Energy Demand Analyses