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27M SF

of Commercial, Industrial,
Office & Institutional Uses

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Multi and Single Family Homes

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2 GW

Gigawatts of Solar Power
(enough for over 1.4M homes)

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Due Diligence, Site Analysis and Selection

Understanding a property’s viability, opportunities and constraints in obtaining certain financial and design goals is a critical first step that must be taken economically with accuracy and clarity. We analyze issues such as physical obstacles to development, including but not limited to existing and planned infrastructure locations and capacities, biological, cultural and site constructability concerns, planning and development policies that would affect a project design or entitlement process, entitlement processing schedules, fee estimating and political considerations.

Zoning and Permitting

Succesfully navigate the intricacies of local regulations and zoning codes to secure the necessary permits and approvals. We guide clients through the complex process of obtaining entitlements, including rezoning, subdivision approvals, grading and building permits, and other regulatory permissions required for land development needs. Our team’s knowledge and experience ensures compliance with all legal requirements, and we leverage strong relationships that facilitates smooth approval processes.

Feasibility Studies

Delve into the economic, legal, and technical aspects of your project to provide a comprehensive development feasibility analysis. This includes assessing market demand, financial projections, and risk mitigation strategies. We leverage our relationship with leading market experts to identify trends, assess demand, and understand the competitive landscape. This informs strategic decision-making and ensures your project is aligned with market needs.

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Master Planning

Craft comprehensive master plans that consider the long-term development vision, encompassing land use, infrastructure, and environmental considerations.

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Conceptual Design and Planning

Collaborate with renowned architects and designers to develop innovative and aesthetically pleasing conceptual designs. Our planning phase includes detailed land use planning, master planning, and project programming.

Financial Modeling

Develop detailed financial models to project costs, revenue streams, and return on investment. This empowers clients with a clear understanding of the financial implications of their development project.

Public-Private Partnerships

Facilitate collaboration between public and private entities to optimize resource allocation, share risks, and create mutually beneficial development projects.