Serrano Business Park/ Prezero

Jurupa Valley, CA

EPD assisted the developer with post-entitlement permitting for three warehouse buildings totaling 327,000 SF on a 17.7-acre site. EPD managed approval of a triparty cooperative agreement and storm drain plan approval through a flood control district, managed annexations to a Community Facilities District operated by the Jurupa Area Recreation and Parks District and to a Lighting and Landscape Maintenance District, and coordinated a review of water and wastewater plans by the Jurupa Community Services District. EPD processed a Parcel Map and obtained approval of building plans, grading plans, and offsite improvement plans. EPD also coordinated permitting activities with the Army Corps of Engineers (Nationwide Permit), California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Section 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreement), and Regional Water Quality Control Board (Section 401 Water Quality Certification).

The developer then site sold the three properties to GreenCycle, which is a globally active waste management company, as well as a driver of innovation for new technologies, systems and processes. GreenCycle focuses these innovations in the areas of recyclables and energy solutions. A specialization of GreenCycle is the generation of new manufactured product out of the recycled material they receive. PreZero, a subsidiary of GreenCycle, is GreenCycle’s sales brand, which will be used in the City permit applications. 

The three buildings will contain separate but interrelated businesses; however, independent permits will be required to ensure each use that occupies the buildings can stand alone and begin operating without delay from one the other uses starting. The priority for PreZero is to have Building 2 occupied and operational first by March 2020, followed by Building 1 and then Building 3; therefore, the proposed uses for each building are proposed in that order.

Serrano Business Park


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