Construction Management Services

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27M SF

of Commercial, Industrial,
Office & Institutional Uses

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Multi and Single Family Homes

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2 GW

Gigawatts of Solar Power
(enough for over 1.4M homes)

EPD's Construction Management Services include:

Risk Management

Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies, and monitor and manage risks throughout the project.

Project Planning and Scheduling

Review and assist in coordinating project plans and collectively work on maintaining construction schedules to optimize efficiency, streamline workflow, and ensure that milestones are met on time.

Contract Administration

Negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers, administer and enforce contract terms, and resolve disputes and issues related to contracts.

Budgeting and Cost Control

Analyze the accuracy and completeness of project budgets, and implement rigorous cost control measures to manage expenses and keep your project within financial parameters.

Contractor Selection and Management

Assist in the selection and management of contractors, overseeing subcontractors’ and vendors’ performances to ensure they align with the project’s goals.

Environmental Mitigation and Conditions of Approval Compliance

Assist in integration of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into the development and construction processes to meet or exceed green building standards. Monitor status of compliance with environmental mitigation measures and conditions of approval. Report compliance and satisfaction to the appropriate agency and obtain sign-off.

Document Control

Maintain accurate project documentation, and organize and manage project records for future turnover to management. Ensure compliance with document control procedures.

Value Engineering

Assist in opportunities to enhance project value by optimizing design, materials, and construction methods without compromising quality.

Change Order Management

Evaluate and process change orders, and assess the impact of changes on schedule and budget. Negotiate and implement changes as necessary.

Quality Assurance

Review and ensure stringent quality control measures to guarantee that the highest standards are maintained throughout construction. Conduct inspections to ensure compliance with specifications and address and resolve quality issues as they arise.

Safety Compliance

Prioritize safety compliance to create a secure working environment. Develop and implement safety programs. Ensure compliance with safety regulations. Monitor and address safety concerns on-site.

Post-Construction Services

Offer ongoing support and services post-construction, including maintenance programs, renovations, and expansions, as well as review completion of closeout documents and applicable warranties.