We are happy to introduce Kumail Raza as EPD’s newest Jr. Project Manager.

Kumail has valuable experience in urban planning and project management. His professional journey includes roles at the City of Jurupa Valley, Civic Solutions Inc., MIG Inc., and Di Vona Law, where he has showcased his expertise in handling diverse and complex projects. His background in managing development applications, coordinating across departments, and contributing to long-range planning policy positions him as an asset to our team.

Kumail earned his Master of Planning in Urban Development from Toronto Metropolitan University, and Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Environmental Management from York University, Toronto.

He has received the American Planning Association (APA) Excellence in Economic Planning Award for “The Shops at Jurupa Valley,” and was a Ryerson Graduate Fellowship recipient for two years. He also received the HSBC Environmental Studies Award, the LIFE Institute Award, and the York International Mobility Award.

We are confident that Kumail’s expertise and accomplishments will contribute significantly to the success of our team.

In his free time Kumail enjoys horseback riding, fitness, and photography.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome. We look forward to achieving great milestones together.

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