Project Profile: Redlands Transit Villages Specific Plan

Rethinking our communities: City of Redlands, CA

Redlands Transit Villages Specific Plan (TVSP) aims to implement the community’s vision for future development contained in the city of Redlands 2023 General Plan.

🚆 The focus is transit-oriented development around three new planned commuter train stops, through the creation of “transit villages”.

The TVSP is a form-based code that seeks to transform and revitalize the 947-acre area that is within ½ mile of the stations, into lively walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods that feature beautiful streets, diverse housing types and unique commercial uses — all while preserving the city’s rich historic character.

The maximum development under the TVSP includes up to:
• 2,400 dwelling units,
• 220 hotel rooms,
• 265,000 square feet (SF) of retail commercial uses,
• 238,000 SF of office uses,
• 280,000 SF of open space and parks.

➡ EPD worked with the City of Redlands to successfully prepare the Environmental Impact Report, and a complex Vehicle Miles Traveled Analysis for the 947 acre area.

➡ Detailed programmatic planning for future anticipated developments within the EIR allows for CEQA streamlining for years as TVSP is implemented.

➡ EPD also managed the following Technical Services:
• Cultural and Paleontological Resources Analysis
• Air Quality Impact Analysis & Greenhouse Gas Analysis
• Energy Analysis
• Noise Impact Analysis
• Water Supply Assessment

EPD works with its private and public sector clients to meet the overall objectives while supporting the economic, environmental sustainability, and long-term objectives of all stakeholders.

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