Norah Jaffan

Director of development

Norah Jaffan is an experienced professional with over 8 years working in the field of land development, specializing in both residential and nonresidential land uses. Her expertise lies in due diligence, major entitlements, and post-entitlement processes, showcasing a track record of successfully overseeing the entitlement and development of over 10 million square feet of industrial business parks, complete with substantial infrastructure enhancements.

Throughout her career, Norah has played a pivotal role in the management and successful execution of a diverse array of entitlement documents, including General Plan Amendments, Specific Plan Amendments, Zone Changes, Tentative Parcel Maps, Final Parcel Maps, Conditional Use Permits, Development Agreements, and Construction Documents. She has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in leading design and construction teams, while also maintaining a hands-on approach to the day-to-day permit process, ensuring that development schedules, budgets, and approvals are consistently met in collaboration with various municipalities.