Meghan Macias, TE 

Director of technical services

As the Director of Technical Services at EPD, Meghan Macias leads a dynamic team of experts in transportation planning, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and health risk assessments. 

With over two decades of experience in the transportation planning field, Meghan has a proven track record of successfully managing complex and contentious projects to deliver defensible and actionable solutions. She has a deep understanding of the regulations and methodologies used by local and regional agencies including the application of local traffic study guidelines, CMP and CEQA requirements, and the Mitigation Fee Act.  

She uses her experience to provide strategic planning services to public-and private-sector clients. Meghan’s work is focused on providing implementable solutions that satisfy various stakeholders including developers, local agencies, and affected citizens. 

At EPD, Meghan’s primary focus lies in the preparation of comprehensive technical analyses for land development projects across California including land development, infrastructure, active transportation, and Master/Specific/General Plans. Her expertise extends beyond traffic engineering to encompass a deep understanding of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). 

EPD’s Technical Services team, under Meghan’s leadership, offers an integrated approach and distinctive methodology that sets EPD apart in the industry, ensuring thorough project analyses and innovative, practical solutions.