Saddleback College Stadium

Mission Viejo, CA

EPD was hired to examine the impacts of an 8,000-seat stadium to replace an existing, smaller facility. This includes NCAA football, soccer, and track and field. Alongside it, there are regulation-size practice fields tailored to both soccer and football. This multipurpose facility boasts a nine-lane running track, two turf football practice fields, a dedicated soccer field, and a designated area for throwers.

Beyond sports, the stadium is envisioned as a central hub for community gatherings in the region.

Spectators can make use of elevated viewing platforms, a cutting-edge scoreboard, and an advanced sound system equipped with integrated WI-FI technology for an enhanced experience.

For this project, EPD prepared an addendum to the EIR (previously prepared by EPD) for the Saddleback College Facilities Master Plan and prepared the traffic analysis for the stadium project.

Following approval, EPD managed cultural, paleontological, and biological surveying and mitigation monitoring prior to and during construction.

When off-campus permitting is required, higher educational institutions can unlock the full potential of their projects when working with EPD. 

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