Newland Kirby


In the heart of Riverside County, the Newland Kirby Industrial Project, a collaboration between EPD, the City of Hemet, and Newland Capital Group, marks a significant milestone in the area’s economic landscape.   

Project Overview: This project represents a transformative endeavor in the industrial sector, boasting an impressive one-story, 850,640 square-foot build-to-suit, ground-up development Class-A industrial building that includes 19,292 square feet of office space on a 43.56 gross acre site.  It is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and surrounding communities. The rich labor force of Hemet underscores the pressing need for industrial buildings to accommodate expanding businesses, foster economic development, and provide job opportunities, vital for sustaining the city’s evolving landscape and meeting the demands of its growing population.  

Our Services: EPD has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including CEQA, development management, traffic analyses, community outreach and managed technical studies.  EPD assisted with the entitlements that included a site development review, conditional use permit, general plan amendment and variance. EPD prepared an addendum to the City of Hemet General Plan EIR, traffic report, managed technical studies prepared for the project in support of the environmental document, and is currently conducting post-entitlement services.   

EPD managed the following technical studies:  

  • Noise Study   
  • Cultural & Paleontological Survey  
  • Biological Resources Assessment   
  • Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Emissions   
  • Health Risk Assessment 

About EPD Solutions: EPD’s integrative services offer end-to-end expertise, ensuring the seamless implementation of a cohesive strategy and solutions to complex environmental challenges. With a team of experts and a proven track record of success, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals while fostering positive outcomes for communities and the environment.  

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