📣 EPD has the capability to take charge of projects even after the entitlement process is finished.

With our extensive experience, EPD has established a strong reputation and connections in southern California government institutions like city halls, county buildings, and other agencies.

Utilizing these established relationships, EPD’s clients not only rely on us to facilitate and expedite various entitlement permits, but they also retain us as part of the post-entitlement project team for the following purposes:

• Assisting in compliance with conditions of approval and mitigation measures

• Procuring construction permits for tasks such as grading, infrastructure, and building

In this capacity, we actively collaborate and successfully develop plans that align with entitlement requirements, submit these plans, act as the main point of contact for the project team with local agencies, and oversee plan submissions and reviews.

➡️ We work with our clients to establish a strategy that maximizes future entitlement rights, reduces approval processing timelines, works with stakeholders and staff to reduce the risk of denial, and provide the best solution to achieve the goals of our clients

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