Development & Construction Management

Development & Construction Management

Through an extensive portfolio of projects, EPD has emerged as a trusted name in municipal entities and agencies across California, and a partner to our clients. Building on our established relationships, our clients rely on EPD not just for our expertise and knowledge in leading entitlements and permits, but also for value-added support throughout the management of their project.

We seamlessly transition into the role of managing design teams, reviewing and understanding conditions of approval, ensuring compliance with mitigation measures, and securing construction permits for grading, infrastructure, and building while consistently focusing on client schedule and budget to ensure a successful project.

We transform visions into dynamic realities.

Streamlining regulatory processes and expediting approvals, our expertise adds value by minimizing challenges and reducing delays in project timelines for real estate developers — ensuring efficient and timely project execution.

Comprehensive Project Support

In this multifaceted role, EPD actively works with the project team to prepare plans aligned with municipal requirements and industry standards. Serving as the primary contact for the project team with local agencies, we adeptly manage plan submittals and plan checks. Our commitment extends beyond the entitlement phase, ensuring a smooth transition into the subsequent stages of the project.

Passionate Expertise

EPD prides itself on a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both development and construction management. Our in-depth understanding of the full development process, coupled with a commitment to staying abreast of the latest technologies, industry trends, and best practices, positions us as leaders in the field.

Cohesive Communication

We prioritize open communication and collaboration. Working closely with clients, design teams such as architects and civil engineers, contractors, and municipalities, we establish a cohesive team dynamic. This ensures a more streamlined management process for the entire project life-cycle, fostering an environment that drives success and strategic solutions.

Precise Quality Assurance

Precision is ingrained in our approach. We uphold the highest standards in every facet of our work. From adherence to project timelines and budgets to surpassing expectations in quality, EPD ensures that your project is a testament to excellence.

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