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Working at EPD Solutions

From competitive compensation packages to opportunities for skill development and a vibrant, inclusive workplace culture, EPD Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure every team member feels valued and supported.

Our team and clients often say that EPD Solutions is not a typical consulting firm — for good reason. We pride ourselves on a unique blend of exceptional people, a inclusive culture, notable clients, sophisticated projects and a distinct integrateive approach to business.

We seek out individuals who are not just skilled, but passionate and driven, believing that their work will uncover hidden talents and interests.

Let's Thrive Together

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Opportunity for career growth through interesting and sophisticated projects.

At EPD Solutions, you’ll have the chance to work on some seriously cool projects that not only challenge you, but also open up doors for serious career growth. We’re all about giving our team members the opportunity to dive into exciting work that keeps things interesting. So if you’re looking to level up your career while having a blast, you’re in the right place!

Flexible workstyle encouraged by management

We believe in embracing a flexible workstyle, and our management fully supports this approach. This means you have the freedom to choose a work setup that suits your needs and allows you to thrive in your role.

A work environment based on respect

We’re all about appreciating each other’s hustle. Our work environment is built on a foundation of mutual respect, where everyone’s ideas and efforts are valued.

Jeremy Krout EPD solutions

"We are a community, not just a company"

Learn about our passion driven culture.

Hashem Basrawi, EIT

Assistant Transportation Planner

The opportunities that are provided to you, even at entry level positions, is something you will struggle to find anywhere else. We work on a variety of projects which always keeps you learning, and the people here are always willing to support you and foster your growth. The people that work here make me want to come to the office every day, even though we are allowed to have a flexible/hybrid work schedule.

Trisha Baker

Director of Operations

I love working at EPD Solutions. The team values innovation and hearing other perspectives and ideas. Everyone seems open to trying new ways of doing business to better support each other and the clients of the company. The team is high-performing but still knows how to laugh and have fun during their workday. It’s been a great experience working here!

Alex Garber

Senior Technical Planner

Great work environment. Friendly people. Collaborative. Management cares about employees. Workload is high but company does a good job of maintaining work life balance.